Casing update and: What license to choose?

A project log for UV Exposure Unit

UV Exposure Unit reproducable in every Hackerspace with a Laser-Cutter.

Alex365Alex365 12/10/2014 at 22:280 Comments

I have updated the casing to it's final state (until now). Since I haven't found any suitable hinges (easily available), the lid will be attached with fabric tape.

The PCB will get a buzzer, for audible notification, that the exposure is finished and maybe a led row in green/red in the bend-wood part of the casing, to see the state of the machine from a distance.

One problem I have encountered, while publishing the .dxf files, is an appropriate license. I want everyone to use the designs and replicate them for private or educational use, but I'd like to have control over, wether someone earns money with it. All licenses I have found so far are quite restrictive. It's mostly all or nothing. Is there a license, that gives me the possibilites I want?