Time for a Break

A project log for Radiolocation using Pocket Size Transceiver

Let your home automation know which room you're in, your car to know if you're nearby or any other need to detect proximity over a range.

Eric HerbersEric Herbers 01/03/2015 at 06:330 Comments

Whew, what a blur the last few days have been! I've been blessed with headaches and strained eyes, but I'd say this is one of the bigger under-takings I've done.

The project details have been completed (although the video is still processing) and final data results can be viewed there. Ultimately, after a healthy break, I plan to focus on doing multi-channel measurements and all the error handling that goes with that. Based on one of the white papers, this should help account for signal variances between channels and actually performs a bit of multi-path measurements... apparently 2.4 GHz does some funky things around objects.

Along with that I hope to get a better grasp on the time-of-flight measurements to further reduce variance and hopefully improve precision, but I fear I'm running into a brick wall with how the interrupt is timed by the transceiver.

Thanks you all for your interest and I hope you find this useful!

-Eric J. Herbers