Final Thoughts and Video

A project log for Sniffing Trinket

A room climate monitor

Georg KrockerGeorg Krocker 01/02/2015 at 16:400 Comments

Before we start, go watch the video that summarizes this whole project.

Some thoughts I want to share with you before the end of the contest. Working on the project for the passing weeks was a great experience and I'm very pleased with the results. Looking back at my original list of things I wanted to achieve with the project (go, read it yourself), I see that I can check all the boxes. While there are still some things to improve I feel that the project stands on solid grounds.

The contest has also been a great learning experience for me. Despite the fact that I have already done a couple of projects I encountered a couple of firsts, including that I

I also immensely enjoyed the documentation and I will clearly revive my website in the next weeks and continue documenting my projects there and here on

As for the next steps, I will work a bit more on the software and on understanding the gas sensor. When this is done I will do a redesign of the board and build a custom case for the SniffingTrinket.

If anything at all I hope that people will use this project and the documentation to learn and start building their own cool stuff.