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A project log for SDA - The best new PDA

Do you miss those old small devices in your palm? Don't be sad, you can always build your own!

brtnstbrtnst 01/28/2018 at 20:280 Comments

Some people on HaD asked me about schematics and PCBs because they want to build their own PDA. I don‘t really have a nice schematics and my current hardware has many shortcomings. Also much of the case is made out of hot glue and that’s not ideal.

Now I will mainly focus on new hardware revision (PCBs and case). My main goal is to design open-source hardware PDA. The current software stack will be replaced with something else in the future.

What will be improved or added:

Now I am looking for suitable displays and batteries (mainly their connectors). I will order the parts, draw schematics and make sure it works. Then I will release schematics and move to design of the
improved case. Two fellow hackaday users offered me to make the PCB layout so that‘s covered. There definitely will be few iterations of hardware design before it will be done.

I will keep you updated on my progress.