There has been an improved version of the solar controller. The main difference from the previous version – Arduino Nano processor with CH340G chip for connection to the computer's USB port. There is no need of any additional programmer. Processor costs about $ 3 if you buy from All other details are the same as previous versions. You can install the program from here (Lithuanian version). Eagle format circuits here. The program has expanded and the following menu item:
SETTINGS Save –>> Default Settings – >> LCD backlight
COLLECTOR temperature difference turning on the pump – >> Temperature difference pump off – >> manual pump on / off air vent manifold
THERMOSTAT Temperature1 ->>- Temperature2 — >> Status heating / cooling / off
A brief explanation of the thermostat is: Saules_kolektoriaus_valdiklis_v1.21Temperature 1 and 2 are determined using a controller keys. The third controller temperature sensor measures the temperature. Selecting cooling mode the relay is activated if the temperature rises, the heating mode activates a relay if the temperature drops. PCB board universal, it can be customized according to your needs by changing the program. Arduino is a standard 5-key pad (A7), 16 × 2 LCD Screen (RS-A5, EN-D3, D4 D4-, D5- D5, D6 D6-, D7- D7), the display backlight on/off/adjustable backlight programmatically (D9), connection ENC28J60 network module (CS-D10, D11-SI, SO-D12, D13-SCK), three DS18B20 sensors (D2, D8, A3). Relay connection for the A1, A2. It seems to control (you can see in the photo diodes instead of relays to connect the new inspection program)