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Keeping time of your contractions the simple way (Or a tool to keep you from losing your head for guys)

DigiGramDigiGram 12/11/2014 at 15:100 Comments

Put it as you may, I prefer my hardware to be DIY. I'm pretty sure the only "off the shelf" part I have in my toolbox is one lonely Arduino Uno. Okay, I'm not talking about winding my own resistors or building speakers, but I am talking about using an ATmega328 with some circuitry instead of an Uno, using a MAX1555 with everything needed vs buying a "battery back pack".

Never say never. I understand the hype, and I have nothing against people using OTS parts, it's just not for me. So when the competition came out, calling for a Pro Trinket (or a DIY version that basically looks and acts the same, doesn't count as DIY), I decided to try it.

But why stop there? Why only use one OTS part when my project can be made completely out of OTS parts? Why dabble in something new while staying in my comfort zone, lets splash out and do something completely new (to me).

I'm aiming to build the LaborWatch completely from OTS parts, mostly stuff that can be bought from Adafruit or Seeed. The only part I can think of now that won't be OTS is the 3D printed housing, but I guess I'll make sure it can fit an Altoids tin for those that can't have access to a 3D printer. Mind you, it's harder to find Altoids in South Africa than a 3D printer :D