A project log for Wearable Arc Reactor 3 Jr.

Teens and kids love Iron Man too! This Reactor is just 2.5" dia. x 1" thick. Uses Piranha LEDs, 3 light zones & and sync-to-music Pulsing.

mosaicmercmosaicmerc 12/10/2014 at 22:480 Comments

The PCB is designed and fabricated using my Apache AL13P hackaday mod system. I am doing assembly tonight. Don't have any white/blue Piranhas on hand so I may have to sub parts in for this version. Might have red...war machine style.

The firmware is done. The system can handle up to 8 lighting modes. I have 5 encoded right now. Once they're running I'll be able to tweak the timings better.

For a uses a trimmed down aerosol spray can cover...from bug spray or spray paint etc. Ya gotta have these around, not so?

All discrete, through hole parts. That made the board a little tight but all's good.

I plan to use some kind of diffuser...scissors cuttable lexan @ 1 mm or .040 stacked two high sandwiching the laser printed transparency as a custom bezel is where I am headed here. A bit of sandpaper to frost the lexan or some Christmas frost spray can diffuse things. it might be simpler to just print the Bezel pattern onto parchment which can already act as a diffuser!

There are 3 pan head 6-32 x 3/4" screws inside the unit to affix the completed bezel with a bit of clear epoxy. The screws allow for 3 point leveling of the PCB and the bezel in the plastic case. you can spray pain the case 'metallic' if you care. Or you may already have a silver or chrome paint aerosol can on hand to snipe the matching cover.

The PCB will be hot glued or epoxied to the inside of the cover. It's flush fit so no lateral movement. Getting a 'button' for the side mounted tactile push button is interesting. I think a dab of epoxy and a trimmed toothpick section (cylindrical) is good here. I might make a nicer button (1/8" dia) by a cutting or paper punching it it out of a disc (1/8" thick) of hot glue rod.

more to come...