Initial mess-around code

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A collection of small, simple, unobtrusive modules to monitor and automate a home, dorm, or other small area.

clockworkjayoClockworkJayo 01/12/2015 at 22:130 Comments

I've written some initial code for the temperature control portion of the Thermostat, just because I haven't tinkered much with analog temperature sensors before. You can take a peek at

The code currently checks whether the ambient temperature is within pre-programmed threshold and tolerance levels, and toggles one of two pins (to later be used as "heat" and "cool" triggers when used as a thermostat replacement) on or off accordingly.

The next step is to write a few methods to facilitate external communication with the chip (reading present values, getting/setting threshold levels, etc), and integrating the wi-fi module to relay these details to/from a remote terminal.

Not a massive leap I know, but free time is at a premium, and any progress is progress.