NEC Protocol Decoding

A project log for Trinket Pocket IR Analyser/Transmitter

Handheld tool for decoding and debugging IR interfaces, like TV remotes etc.

flaming_goatflaming_goat 12/14/2014 at 21:500 Comments

I am using the TSOP38238 38kHz IR reciever which has a photo detector and preamplifier in one package. This means I can connect it directly to the arduino. I don't have my LCD yet so I am working on decoding some common IR protcols and printing to the serial output. I have made a basic decoder for the NEC protocol which seems to be working well, although it is a little buggy. Interestingly the device id for my no-brand TV is actually 0x00, thats not a bug. I found a helpful resource for IR protocols here. I will put my source code on github shortly.