Telemetry Replay

A project log for PacificBots

Research platforms that are intend to be used as self-positioning buoys to monitor the ocean environment.

PacificBotsPacificBots 10/05/2017 at 07:520 Comments

One of the cooler aspects of monitoring the ocean is having a situational awareness of just what the water conditions are like. Is it choppy, or smooth as glass?

To be able to ascertain this information, a 10-DOF IMU was installed on the testing platform and Telemetry Replay was born!  The buoy collects 25 seconds of data from the IMU as it moves about on the ocean's surface. That information is transmitted back and plugged into the ALPHA version of "Telemetry Replay". This  Interpolates data from 10-DOF and GPS coordinates to give 25 seconds of real-time orientation and position at sea. BETA will include GPS altitude baked into data so that a reasonable approximation of wave high can also be "replayed."