Securing the outlet tube and a little Welding

A project log for Syringe Pump

Goal: Create a syringe pump to feed material to the Moineau Extruder or the Oogoo Mixer.

doctekdoctek 01/17/2015 at 05:580 Comments

My plan is to use a length of plastic tubing to deliver the output of the syringe to either the extruder or the mixer. That way, the syringe doesn't have to be mounted on the carriage of the printer. The thing that's always worried me is how to connect the tube securely without a big, ugly fitting. Here's the solution I've come up with. The pictures are truly worth ten thousand words in this case.

The hose fits in 10mm deep. Then a 3mm setscrew is pushed into the hole and screwed in about 5mm. I made another hole on the other side, but one set screw holds so securely, the second isn't needed. As you can see, this is a very compact way to secure the hose. It grips very strongly and makes only a tiny dent in the hose on the inside of the opening. I'm very eager to try this in operation but I think it'll work great.

The nut cover needs to be secured to the nut holder (with the 8mm drive nut inside), and the nozzle must be joined to the outlet. I used Multipurpose Plastic Pipe Cement (lots of MEK) to cement the parts and let them dry. Then I used my Dremel to weld the joints as well, as described in a recent HAD item. Very solid!

You've guessed by now that the syringe is assembled, so here's a look at it. I still need a few 5mm nuts before I can test it; just a trip to the hardware store away. Testing awaits!