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JarrettJarrett 02/20/2015 at 16:040 Comments

For the last update, I put out the call for suggestions on what to fill my panelised board with, given that I have some extra space.

@jaromir.sukuba posted a link to his #Breakout board set, and @Adam Fabio and @mpinner both suggested the OSHPark shared project repository.

All excellent suggestions, and along the same lines, I checked out the Dirty PCBs equivalent. I was surprised to see that one of my PCBs from last year still shows up there fairly prominently.

I didn't really find anything that piqued my interest in any of them. There were a couple kind cool ones, but the BOM costs were quite high for a project that I wasn't super into.

So I dumped some breakout boards in there. As you can see, there are some errors in those because I didn't create them myself right in Altium. I don't even really care. I'm planning on using DirtyPCBs to fulfil my order, and their whole shtick is that if there's a problem with your board, they don't go back to you requesting changes, they just attempt to build it, and if it fails, sucks. That means that this is more of an experiment then a legitimate attempt to get some spare breakout boards.

Here's the panelised board. You can see the errors in the top right.

It may be interesting to note that I laid out and built the Gert board from scratch, despite the files being freely available online in Eagle format. It was easier and faster (~2 hours) just to do it myself than try and deal with conversion and all of the problems that would bring. It's a simple board.

Stuff came up today that I have to deal with, so I'll probably send this off early next week, after I have time to dick around with CAM settings.