Beta testers, go!

A project log for C64 Flash Cart

A real-time programmable cartridge for the Commodore 64

Stian SorengStian Soreng 04/27/2015 at 06:552 Comments

The cart (both software and hardware) is now so stable that the beta testers and developers can go crazy. A couple of carts are already out there, and a few more are in the mail this very moment.

The software is being developed, patched, commented and uploaded to Github these days. I will publish the links once we're satisfied enough to go live.


PixJuan wrote 02/28/2016 at 10:06 point

I just found out about your project. Is there any updates since the last beta test phase?

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Stian Soreng wrote 02/29/2016 at 08:03 point

Not much, unfortunately, but the project is alive and well.

The next on my schedule is to try and port the project to Windows. Two more beta boards are being soldered up right now and will be shipped out this week.

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