Hardware encryption part 1 XOR and Fiber optics

I built this circuit at Mhacks in Ann Arbor, Michigan and it took me about 18 hours to complete it.

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This project was inspired by the legendary electronics hobbyist author Forrest M Mims. There is an example circuit of XOR hardware encryption using a few CMOS logic chips (4000 series) in the digital electronics book in his famous Radioshack Electronics learning lab kit. As most hardware hackers, I was on standby waiting for my team to finish the software side of things, and worked on a personal project, that I did not intended to spend time to actually submit as a project. As I was flipping through the PDF version of the digital electronics book, this project caught my eye, and I didn't have most of the CMOS parts to do the project, but replaced them with TTL equivalents. Then, I came to the realization that for the signals, I did not need to use the circuit in the book! I could use my Electronics Explorer board and an Arduino. I also realized that for the transmission part of the circuit (Data transmitting to the other gate)...

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Christoph Tack wrote 01/20/2019 at 11:00 point

What is this thing doing?  Would you mind adding some description?

Btw, how do you get >2K followers while this project has only 618 views?

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