Second-Iteration Planning

A project log for Ridiculously-Bright Flashlight

Take one 100W, 7500-lumen LED and eight 18650 Li-Ion cells. Do not stare at flashlight with remaining eye.

stripeytypestripeytype 03/12/2014 at 17:320 Comments

I spent some time today ordering parts for the second iteration of the light:

* DC-DC boost converter

* Li-Ion charge/protection PCBs

I've also got a few high quality heatsinks which I may compare to try and figure out which I ought to use, and a reflector and collimating lens.

Ideally, I want to add a switch and a charging port, in addition to upgrading the cell-holder wiring to something that will more comfortably carry that much current. With those things in place, I may be able to start planning things like a case and how to manage heat-transfer if I make this thing weatherproof to any degree.