Y axis Mounted

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willbadenwillbaden 06/09/2015 at 01:540 Comments

The Y axis has been finished to the point of being mounted onto the paper tray dispenser that will become the Z axis. The up and down movement of the Y axis is limited by the spring loaded shaft that runs along the X axis. The shaft shown in the middle of the picture below is spring loaded with a bearing attached and will push up on the lip that the upper bearings ride on.

This shaft extends to the other side with another bearing and spring to produce the same effect.

To keep the y axis located left and right, there is a single spring loaded bearing that pushes the two bearings on the other sides steel wall. (as seen in the picture above). Below is an outer view of the spring loaded left/right tensioner. Followed by an inside view showing the springs on the shafts that maintain the springs.

On the underside of the y axis is a flag for the opto sensor. This will sense the minimum y axis location. Sensing the home position.

And the opto sensor.

This was all mounted to the paper tray. The back was mounted to an existing cross brace with an aluminum angle. The existing hole locations were measured and reused.

The front required a couple of uprights with some holes added to the paper tray. A horizontal angle was then mounted across the top. The upper holes were slotted, so it could be fine tuned to be parallel with the X axis that is yet to be mounted.

And here is a 3/4 view of the completed Y axis mounting. In this picture, pay notice to the upright shafts that stick off of the bottom of the angles. These will eventually support the table.