Sun Dress

A project log for Digital Patterns for Sewing

This project creates paper sewing patterns. A 3D mesh of a body part is created. The mesh is unwrapped to a 2D flat picture and printed.

Alan CampbellAlan Campbell 02/05/2015 at 02:330 Comments


6. Dress Catch Result

7. Blender

8. Dress Paper Patterns

For my second garment, I chose a sun dress. I chose to scan an existing dress and created a pattern.One could also scan a body in a cat suit and add the clothing in Blender. Had a little trouble getting a good Catch result. The best solution was a dress with a pattern in a cluttered room. After adding seams in Blender a .png file of the 2D pattern was exported containing two mirrored back pieces, two mirrored front pieces and a scaling rectangle the width of the torso.

For the paper output a Silhouette Cameo was used.The .png file imported well. The project was scaled. The length turned out to be too long for the largest 12"x24" sticky matt so alignment ticks were add so each piece could be cut in two parts. The parts were aligned and taped together. The Cameo software was easy to use and everything worked well out of the box .I am looking forward to making some plastic solder paste stencils.

I am closing this project.Thanks for following it.