• Working on the KiCad STM32 library

    Clara Hobbs02/07/2018 at 15:06 7 comments

    Or rather, libraries, when I'm through with them.

    I was starting to work on the schematic for PD Buddy Dev, and found that KiCad's symbol for the microcontroller I want to use is about as wide as a sheet of letter paper.  Um.

    Seriously, it's ridiculous.

    As it turns out, the KiCad library team is aware of this problem and has an open bug on their tracker about it.  So I've been working on the Python script that generates KiCad's STM32 library to make it create better symbols, and to make it internally less messy.  In the process, I'm splitting the library into separate libraries for each family of STM32 microcontrollers, because the single library is way too big (KLC says no library can have more than 250 parts).  When I'm done, I'll send this to be included in the new library for KiCad 5, which I plan to start using for this project as soon as the first RC comes out.