SDRAM/DIMM Specs and sTZ

A project log for sdramThing4.5 "Logic Analyzer"

An AVR, 128MB SDRAM DIMM, old laptop LCD, and a handful of TTL chips -- 30+MS/s 32-channel logic-analyzer interface for an analog 'scope

Eric HertzEric Hertz 07/23/2016 at 22:080 Comments

If you haven't looked already, #sdramThingZero - 133MS/s 32-bit Logic Analyzer is pretty much the new project... turning sdramThing into a bit more of a logic-analyzer peripheral to be connected to any "host", rather than an entire system in and of itself... I intend to keep it as "transparent" as possible, e.g. using only 74xxx00-series chips, such that it could be easily-understood/reproduced as well as implemented on most any host (e.g. a Raspberry Pi through Python, or even a Commodore 64 through BASIC).

So, that'll probably be a good place to get any new info I make available on how to work with SDRAM. (Oh, and Thanks @Benchoff, for the blog-writeup on that!)

I've also added two of my go-to resources in the "Files" section of both projects... DIMM pinouts/layouts as well as SDRAM pinouts/commands, etc.