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A project log for UpLift Desk wifi link

Add a WIFI link to an UpLift Desk and control it remotley

Yadid RamotYadid Ramot 02/02/2015 at 20:380 Comments

Found some background info about the controller and relay box. they are both off-the-shelf components manufactured by JIECAN

Controller spec -

and Relay spec -

I couldn't resist opening the remote. This is what i know about the pinout -

  1. Transparent - "M" button (when set to LOW)
  2. Brown - Digital - guessing it`s for data display (5v TTL)
  3. Black - GND
  4. White - ?
  5. Red - +5v
  6. Purple - ?
  7. Green - UP button (when set to LOW)
  8. Yellow - DOWN button (when set to LOW)

Next, doing some bit sniffing for the display.