Gameboy Pocket KiGb controller

Composing on LSDJ with an emulator with the tactile feel of using a real Gameboy

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In my first upload to Projects I will use a Teensy 3.1 to act as an USB controller for KiGb.
Composing in LSDJ on the Gameboy has its certain feeling, but it's not always practical to be totally left to the mercy of the ambient lighting gods, and even with a backlight installed it might feel unsafe to rely completely on the battery charge from so many days ago..
Plus, it's nice to be able to use Git for version history of your compositions, right? ;)

Therefore I started composing on the computer with an emulator instead of on the Gameboy itself. When happy with a song, I just flash it to the SmartCard and get ready for some live chiptune jamming.
Realizing I had a few old Gameboy Pockets lying around the house, I could very easily transform one of them into a slick USB controller for that awesome tactile feel. ^_^

Stay tuned...

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