MODULE 005 – R-2R

A project log for CMOS Modular Synthesizer

Low-cost, high-effectiveness DIY modular synthesizer system aimed at beginners

Castle RocktronicsCastle Rocktronics 02/09/2015 at 04:440 Comments

R-2R is two "R-2R ladders" in a tight 6HP package. The four inputs act as a 4-bit analog to digital converter that is perfect for generating stepped waveforms to drive oscillators as a CV source or to create more nuanced sounds than the raw square-waves everything has been putting out till now.

The article gets really tucked into DC analysis as we pick apart how and why the R-2R ladder works. You will be sick of Ohm's law by the end of it, but you should also never have to read up about it again!

– 6HP