Woohoo! We are in the finals!

A project log for Kite : Open Hardware Android Smartphone

Make & 3D print your own phone with sensors, displays, electronics, batteries and antennas. Customize Android and do exactly your thing!

Shree KumarShree Kumar 05/04/2018 at 08:450 Comments

Got the great news - we are in the finals of the Hackaday Prize 2018 ! This project is competing under the "Open Hardware Design Challenge".  A great honour for this project !

The details of the announcement are at this link !   Thanks a lot everyone for all your encouragement too. 

This project branched off to hackaday after a meeting of hardware enthusiasts!

These guys dropped the apple on my head.  Open hardware is the way to go, I said! I am happy to make this idea grow further and become 100% open hardware with our crowdfunding attempts at KICKSTARTER for Kite v2

Please back this project there and help Kite v2 reach everyone! Thanks a lot!