May 3rd work on v2

A project log for 5g Aquaponics

indoor, modular, small scale growing, aquaponics

emEm 05/04/2015 at 04:300 Comments

Had time and motivation to do more work today.

Installed a better/longer airlift tube, created the feeding/water-adding/water-testing um, tube.

Tossed in some hydroton while I find some fabric to use, I'm thinking hemp would be optimal (mildew/mold resistance), in a weave typical of burlap fabric.

I got two 'Rosy Red Minnows' from the pet store, which feels so weird to my brain, hah. BAIT SHOP! Nope, not out here, not like what my brain thinks of anyway. 0.15/each. I've mostly only run goldfish before (feeders or large pond comets), am running guppies currently in the Aqualibrium system sitting next to the 5g bucket, so figured why not, lets try minnows.