Maiden voyage

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Converting an 05 Ninja 250R to electirc

ErikLErikL 05/24/2015 at 14:080 Comments

Took the bike for it's first real ride with a destination in mind, which of course was to the makerspace.

The ride was amazing and magical and I had entirely too much fun. I was happy with how the bike performed, and almost ever aspect of the ride. One thing that I did note and that I'm going to try and remedy ASAP is the straps for the bottom battery tray. The bottom batteries are held in by gravity and a retaining lip around them, but the do tend to jump and jostle on potholes, it's not a big issue but it is disconcerting and is something I'd like to get rid of. I'm hoping that by adding a side bar like I did on the top batteries I can avoid this.

With the makerspace move wrapping up, and our grand opening approching I'm hoping to have enough spare time soon to be able to focus on getting the instrumentation package installed and working.