February Project Log

A project log for Haptic guidance system for the visually impaired

This project utilizes ultrasonic sensors and haptic output to provide increased awareness for the visually impaired.

Jamil MangrioJamil Mangrio 4 days ago0 Comments

I am currently planning on using a head-mounted design. The benefits of this are that it would be easy to take on and off as a sort of helmet, and that it would be easy for the user to keep their bearings, as we are used to hearing with respect to our head, not our body (meaning that even if the head is turned, the user understands where the sound, or in this case, the haptic output, is coming from.) A downside to this design is going to be packaging. With the current design, the wiring and components will be quite cramped on this helmet. It will take careful wiring and meticulous fastening to ensure that the device remains accurate. This may prove difficult with eight zones, so it may be a reason to stick to only four.