Changed the pre-regulator, first schematic rev done

A project log for ElbSupply - Simple linear bench supply

This project aims at building a rather simple yet useful bench power supply for everyday tinkering.

EliaElia 02/27/2015 at 21:260 Comments

It seems that I have completed the first revision of the schematic and I will be doing the layout throughout the next week. I still have one last final this semester so the time I can spend every day on the layout is somewhat limited.

I have decided to change the tracking pre-regulator to a Texas Instruments TPS54331, which is a 3A continuous output current switching regulator. I have decided to do this mainly because it has a much smaller footprint (SO-8 with thermal pad) instead of a big TO-220 package. In my previous update I had mentioned that it was hard for me to source components because here in Germany Farnell/Element 14 won't sell to non-businesses and DigiKey is not an option due to shipping cost and customs fees. An added bonus is that I can use TI's WEBENCH software to calculate the component values for the output filter and compensation network.

I got these devices through TI's sample service as I am an EE student at TU Dresden. The sample package arrived here within 3 business days.

I am still not 100% sure that this will work the way I want it to but I figure it's worth just giving it a shot.