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Josh StewartJosh Stewart 06/13/2017 at 23:190 Comments

Another month, another firmware drop! As is usually the case, there has been a bit of behind the scenes work happening in the firmware that is designed to both increase general stability as well as preparing for some more core changes that are coming in the next month or two.

There's also been a heap more work on the manual, in particular the layout and formatting of the offline manual. The whole thing is considerably easier to read and things like images are sized correctly etc. As always, if anyone is interested in helping out with the documentation, just let me know

As a bit of a side effort, I've begun work to bring the whole Speeduino codebase into compliance with the MISRA C:2012 standard. The MISRA standard is a set of coding guidelines designed by the automotive industry to maximise reliability and safety in software used in vehicle systems.
About half the code is now compliant and I expect to complete this effort within the next few weeks.

So as far as the new firmware goodness goes, the main changes are below:

The firmware bundle can be downloaded from the wiki at:
As usual, make sure to reload the latest ini into your TunerStudio project after upgrading the firmware