Current Sensing board 99% assembled + Test Plan

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The SmoothStep is an affordable precision force feedback sim racing wheel platform with open source hardware/software.

John TaylorJohn Taylor 02/28/2018 at 19:520 Comments

I received the phase current sensing PCB from OSHPark on Monday. I finally got around to assembling it today. Here are some pics.

If you look closely, you will notice that U2, one of the isolators, is missing. Unfortunately I forgot to order this part from digikey and I'll have to wait for it to come in.  There were a few problems with the board. I used really tiny 0402 resistors and capacitors and from an assembly perspective this made things tedious. I also forgot to put a package outline and a pin-1 callout on the current sense amps so I had to reference the Altium file to figure out which way they needed to go on the board. 

Test Plan

  1. Make sure no power nets are shorted to ground (done)
  2. power board on (done)
  3. Check Vref (done)
  4. Apply i known current through the channels and make sure it shows up on the output of the op amp (done)
  5. Check all of the digital signals to make sure they are working (done)

I probably wont get to this until late next week because I'm going to be out of town.