Specification Started

A project log for FelinityVM

A new virtual machine that attempts to solve many of the problems/nuisances of other VMs such as Java

aaronaaron 02/26/2015 at 08:540 Comments

So far on this project, I have started writing the specification for how this virtual processor should behave in a plain text file. I have the registers, pseudoregisters, and instructions defined with full details about what registers are affected by each operation and how they are affected. I wrote some test programs in C and Java to try out ideas about how certain aspects of the VM should behave. Mostly the things I wrote were simulations for things like how a borrow flag is carried through an arbitrary length subtraction. In this way I was able to confirm the arithmetic definitions for the instructions in the VM. Currently I am working on a few instruction definitions that relate to native code behavior, and defining the constraints on certain native subroutines which will be needed as a return address from native calls to allow the native code to jump back into the vm, and have the VM pick up where it left off.