2D desktop to google cardboard for privacy

I'm trying to make a google cardboard display so that people will stop peering over my shoulder when i am gaming

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A google cardboard headset to use so people can't see what you're doing, on the plane, on the train, on a bus etc.
  • 1 × Android phone with Compass, Gyroscope, and accelerometer.
  • 1 × 1/8 in Plywood/lasercuttable wood This is what i constructed the device out of
  • 1 × Trynius Gyre client and server Will add links soon

  • Update 0

    Malachi Allison03/16/2015 at 05:02 0 comments

    Version 1, used a google cardboard plywood lasering template, plus my old cardboard to hash together a prototype. I like it.

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    Step 1
    Step one: Aquire hardware.
    You're going to need:
    • Android phone with google cardboard compatable sensors
    • Laser cut-able wood, or a steady hand and some plastic
    • lenses, will link
    • O shaped Magnet
    • another magnet

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