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A project log for basePnP - pick and place machine

Pick and place machines seems to be popular in these days. So why not to build one?

hynaHyna 03/06/2015 at 02:410 Comments

Now the trickiest part - the SW. All coding will be done in Python + OpenCV + PyQt. Programming is really not my hobby, but I'm able to to write some code which sometimes eventually works :D Friend of mine from our hackerspace offered me a help with SW. He has different approach how the things should work, so plan is to have two independent control SW. The reason why i want to write my own version is that this project is also my Diploma thesis.

Back to the topic. I did some tests with fiducials and it was really straight forward. Same as detecting the holes in SMD reels. But one problem already appeared. How to create the proper light conditions! Which color should I use? Which intensity, from which angle etc... Seems that even the guys from FirePick project do not know.

SMD tape: