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A project log for Ergo60 Keyboard

60 key ergonomic keyboard

warren-janssensWarren Janssens 05/21/2014 at 20:430 Comments

I got the case pained and everything put together over the long weekend and I've been using the keyboard both at home and work since then and overall it's extremely usable; of course I'm coming from Kinisis Advantage and Ergodox so I'm already used the the basic form factor.

Today I took the opportunity to merge my local git repo for the project into the projects repo at digital cave so the source is now available online.

The layout I've settled on which seems to be working quite well for me is based on Dvorak with the following adaptations:

the bottom row of hand keys serve a dual purpose with both key actions and modifier actions:  -_/shift  =+/ctrl  left/alt  right/cmd  fn  fn  up/cmd  down/alt  [{/ctrl  ]}/shift

the ;: key and zZ key are dual with shift since as well

the thumb cluster top row is /?  \|  `~  §±

the thumb cluster bottom row is bksp  del  esc  tab  return  space

The fn layer is fully populated as well with a numeric keypad, function keys, dpad, and media keys.

For those that are interested the layout header files in the source code show this information in a far more readable way.