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KrzysiekKrzysiek 03/07/2015 at 13:381 Comment

Today I had some time to check LCD pinout and write a simple app that test weloop tommy LCD.

First thing first, you should read documentation for Sharp memory lcd LS013B7DH01. Next step is to read Programming memory LCD application note so you will know how to communicate with the screen.

Communication is really easy, it consists of:

The only problem with this is to know watch pinout. It's as follows:

NRF Name

EXTCOMIN pin can be skipped because EXTMODE pin is grounded on board.

SPI MISO line is not used so can be set as NC in code.

This LCD requires 5V power supply, by default 5V voltage regulator is disconnected so LCD does not work, use P0.13 to enable voltage regulator!

The most important SPI commands are

You cannot change just one pixel, the smallest accepted data portion is one line. Full description of a command structure and list of all commands can be found in Programming memory LCD application note

I've created a simple app that shows how to communicate with screen. It can be imported and compiled on mbed site.

In a few days I will publish pinout for:

To write an accelerometer demo I still need a new watch. Thank you all for the donations, $30 more and I will have it. If you want to help please donate HERE. Thanks!


Matt Mills wrote 04/10/2015 at 07:37 point

You may be able to use the Adafruit Sharp Memory display library to save effort. I'm building a similar watch from scratch, same microcontroller, at least. Good luck!

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