Changing softdevice and bootloader relocation

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Make Weloop Tommy an open source sport watch that can connect directly to all kind of sensors (heart rate monitor and so on)

KrzysiekKrzysiek 04/09/2015 at 21:590 Comments
Today I finally managed to upload a new bootloader/softdevice to a watch! It wasn't easy because bootloader that is originally installed on weloop does not allow to upload a new softdevice or bootloader. There's also no support in softdevice to run command on device start (using MBR) that will copy part of firmware from one place to another (it was added in 7.1.0 softdevice and is required to change bootloader or softdevice). So the biggest issues were:

So how I manage to do this? I will describe it tomorrow because it's time to go sleep ;) If you want to check it yourself take a look at THIS CODE. A compiled firmware that replaces bootloader/softdevice can be found HERE. But be careful with it, it can brick your watch!

So from now on my weloop can connect directly to other devices without a mobile phone! Now's time to write an awesome firmware ;)