Milwaukee, Not bad..

A project log for Arcus-3D-P1 - Pick and Place for 3D printers

Open source, mostly 3D printable, lightweight pick and place head for a standard groove mount

daren-schwenkeDaren Schwenke 10/02/2018 at 08:110 Comments

Everything mostly worked, with a couple show stopping issues along the way.

The 3D printer lost extruder 4 just after power up.  Don't know why yet.  All of my 'ready to go' gcode which used black, in other words... all of them, couldn't be used as a result.  cymKwt = Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, White, Clear.

So I improvised and pulled out a 2 layer butterfly model which I could quickly slice, and then added some color codes shifting to avoid the broken extruder, with a Perl script.  Probably the best accident I've had happen yet.  As long as I cared not for quality..  I could print them in about 2 minutes, and so pretty much every kid got one.  

@OshCatPrince was captured here by @pdp7 sporting one.

The actual project got a little screwed up in transport, and I lost positioning on the A axis endstop.  As the tuning is completely manual at this moment, I never got it back for the duration of the show.  Just too much going on for me to concentrate on any task for more than 5 minutes at a time.

I also lost the use of the monitor which had my presentation slideshow on it.  That's probably the most sucky thing, as that had my website, repository information, the project point, pretty much everything people needed to know on it.

So I just ended up explaining things a lot, and set it up looking pretty.

Me, noticing my Pi camera wasn't plugged in..

A day of handing it to people and never cleaning the optics = wow.. that's dirty... and green.  Resetting the camera fixed the green part.

12mm and 8mm tapes, same LEGO mount.  The top for the third block was MIA by this point.  It probably ended up in the 'failures pile', from which I let people take stuff.

By this point the batteries in my wireless keyboard were dead and I couldn't locate my spares until after the end, so my exposure would only move in increments of 50 with the mouse.  7,57,107..  The light is pretty bright and the exposure range goes from 1 to 1000.  It's about right at 35.  Above it was set to 7.

It could have been better, but it certainly could have been worse.  I'll take it.