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Silicon-free computer on vacuum and cold-cathode tubes with pure brainfuck instruction set

Artem KashkanovArtem Kashkanov 04/21/2018 at 07:480 Comments

I woke up and drew this.

Some comments:

  1. Harvard arch - two ferrite core modules. One for program, another - for data. Each one has decade address input.
  2. Main dekatron counters - at least, four:
    1. Data counter. From 0 to 255.
    2. Address Pointer counter. From 0 to 10^4 or 10^5
    3. Instruction Pointer counter. From 0 to 10^4 or 10^5 too.
    4. Loop Stack counter. Up to 100 or 1000. For looking up opening instruction of current cycle (as we can have inner loop)
  3. Dekatron counters has decade output, so we should use some converter to BIN, or use weak memory filling.
  4. For program loading I want to use punch tape. I already have punch tape reader and writer!
  5. Want to find old CRT terminal for Console In/Out operations.