Hackaday Prize Entry

A project log for Sci-fi grade Home Automation

A system that ties some home automation with various APIs and hardware hacks.

conradcnconradcn 08/02/2014 at 02:010 Comments

I've been quiet on this for a while, but I have decided to enter this into the Hackaday Prize pool, with some significant refinements. My new goals are:

Replace the laggy light-switch with a touch-panel powered by a Spark Core

Add more dashboards

Tie in with some Wi-Fi bulbs to automate the lights I couldn't touch last time

Add more context sensitivity

Make the blinds open and close from the system

Finally make a freaking video

So far, I have made one major improvement, and that is to create a page that grabs data from reddit and posts it on my tv for a morning briefing (still have a minor character encoding bug in the news feed, but whatever):