Serious testing + Teensy LC

A project log for FacilTempo - weather station

Saving the planet from global warming requires monitoring the weather, so having a weather station is the least we all can do to help

clovis-fritzenClovis Fritzen 05/12/2015 at 03:090 Comments

Hi guys, how are you all doing today?

I have made some more (real-life) serious testing to the Weather Station: this time was a battery-endurance test, featuring a solar panel to charge the Li-ion cell back. I was able to gather some data (seen in the chart below), showing that the solar radiation available during the day was not enough to recharge the batteries. Or maybe my hardware concept is not working that well.

As you can see above the battery (400mAh) lasted for 16 hours, having received a little bit of charge (green line) between 12PM and 3-ish PM. This is because today was a rainy day and also because the Southern hemisphere is entering the winter right now.

Below you can see pictures of my "final" design (still missing the ESP8266 for wifi), inside a re-purposed plastic box (which originally came with my Espruino, from a Kickstarter campaing).

There are more and more details about the hardware to come, although the schamatics and PCB are in the left-side link area of this project, for you guys to use it.

What I also want to touch at is the weekly #Had giveaway, which is sending out 125 Teensy LC this week!. That's a small-size-low-power-consumption-Cortex-M0-Arduino-compatible board, that could fit perfectly on my weather station, replacing the current ATMEGA328-based desing. So what you guys thing? does my project deserve a Teensy to go?