TMC5130 Rev1.1 - Soldering and tests

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A modular stepper motor system designed for stage and artistic applications.

tom-magnierTom Magnier 02/06/2018 at 13:300 Comments
Placing components on the bottom side
Ready for bottom side reflow
Top side reflow

Some of the connections didn't reflow well... (look at the bottom of the image). Maybe because the board was on standoffs to preserve the bottom side components ? I've never had this happen before.

After top side reflow

Following steps :


It's alive !
v1.0 (red) vs v1.1 (green) comparison

As expected, v1.1 boards have better thermal performances (they are 4-layer instead of 2-layer). Heat spreads into the whole PCB including the mounting holes and I was able to pull a bit more current without the TMC5130 overtemp protection kicking in.

However these new boards still can't use the max 1.68A / phase current in this configuration. I will have to test with some fans that I have laying around if the full current can be achieved.

Anyway with the recent announcement of the TMC5160 by Trinamic a higher current Farfadet with external power stage will probably join the party :)

Next steps : soldering and trying the magnetic encoder and XLR extension boards... And a lot of software and documentation work !