First Log Entry

A project log for Very Expensive Tool with C++ and Javascript

Augmented Reality Cubic Kartoska Space Exploration Simulation. Totally Safe.

skyberrysskyberrys 07/31/2015 at 17:500 Comments

The day is Friday, July, no August. The day is Friday August 1st, 2015, and finally I am convinced of the utility of a distributed portal logging system. It's a beautiful sunny day out in the land I am from. The blue pacific ocean only matched in majesty by the blue California skies. My Blue Owl Notebook is currently enclosed within a secure storage system consisting of a Bluetooth transmitter receiver pair, interlocking steel teeth, one deadbolt and a tricky white picket gate / automatic black gate latch bar. The chances of reaching the notebook are minimal.

Fortunately, my MacBook Pro, named Open Sources is nearby. This means I am able to continue recording log entries, but this time in an exciting new medium. A communication schema that exposes the learning steps and results in the formulation of a series of project entries, depicting the successful and reproducible construction of a tool.

In the securely stored Blue Owl Notebook rests detailed instructions, responsible for the construction of the artifact built wholly out of cubes. It is vastly un-likely that it will be possible to recover the Blue Owl Notebook. My only option is to review and study my own digital records as keeping through various repositories. The exact methods used to assemble the environment presented at Maker Faire San Fransisco 2015 are described in multiple locations and significantly by multiple individuals. The project had multiple drivers and was an exciting time of creation for everyone.

The Project Logs as detailed in the description of project #Very Expensive Tool + Green Lasers (DEAR DEVS: That was a cool trick ... ) through my reconstruction of the process based on evidence left by myself and others. It is to be continued ... soon.