A project log for Yet Another Franken-shapeoko

I am hacking together a shapeoko, integrating a raspberry pi as the controller and hope to utilize Octoprint to run my cnc remotely.

JordanJordan 03/04/2016 at 19:290 Comments

SO i got it to move, but my program i was trying to use didn't spit out G-code that was accurately interpreted. I used some more basic G-code generators and got it to writ my initials in 2 x 4, which was cool.

I bought the X-Carve upgrade, i really like the solid extrusion for the x-carriage, and am in process of rebuilding the machine with those upgrades.

I'll post pictures once i get it re-assembled with the X-carve components and Homing switches.

Now i need a good project to use it on. I am thinking of laying out a kind of 3d carving that would span multiple 8" x 2' sections that could be assembled either via biscuits or a backing board.

I need a cool picture to engrave.