DIY SMT Reflow Assembly

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Luke BenoLuke Beno 09/14/2015 at 07:040 Comments

This project log is a little out of order, but it took me a while to collect all of my thoughts on how to document this. I wrote previously about receiving supplies to build out the next revision of the MSP430 Sensor Node. Since then, they have magically been seen out in the wild. In fact through the 43oh forum, I've received pre-orders for about 10 of these boards and they all have already been delivered.

So these units didn't magically assemble themselves, this update is about the process that I used to put them together.

I've used this assembly method many times now, each time I'm very happy with the results so hopefully others may be able to replicate it.

Sorry in advance, I don't consider myself a great videographer or really worry over video editing, this video series is just some raw, off the cuff explanations of my process for assembly.

First a Brief Overview:

Some of the equipment I use:

Mounting the PCB to the Printing frame & Stencil Alignment

Applying Solder Paste

Component Placement & Pre Heat

Beginning the Reflow Cycle

First Check

Complete Assemblies

And there you have it, after the boards cool for some time, I put them under a microscope for visual inspection. Inevitable there will be solder bridge on some but this is easily remedied with a touch up soldering iron.

Finally I have some hand assembly of a connector and Battery holder. final step is programming and test. Then everything is ready to go!