More details on the gasket

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Audrey RobinelAudrey Robinel 03/11/2016 at 01:180 Comments

In a previous log i mentioned that i'd be adding a gasket. Here is why :

On this picture, the gap between the sun protection and the fixation base can be seen. Not a huge one, but water would creep in, be it direct rain, or simply humidity. Thus the need for a gasket. I did update the openscad file in order to add the gasket as a module, and you can download the stl file ready for printing in ninjaflex (semiflex could work, untested by me).

Here is what the gasket looks like after printing on my Printrbot simple metal (8 minutes at 30mm/s and 225°C with full infill, 50cm of 1.75 ninjaflex) :

Since it's nijaflex, it is elastic :

In order to install it, nothing special, just put it on the base :

You can see the surface finish of the base, and thus how it will benefit from a gasket. of course align everything, put the sun skirt onto it, and secure it with screws.

Once tightened, there is no more gap :

Now, no more water coming from there! I will next add a small plexiglass window, and glue it to the skirt with silicon or a similar glue, to really close the box. After that, i'll test the box by spraying it with water using a garden hose and the highest pressure setting.