Sea Shells Made out of Paper Mache and Mortar

A project log for "The Deep" - D.C.'s Sonic Jellyfish Art Car

A Burning Man Art Car Project by a group of D.C. (Not Washington!) Burners

Casual CyborgCasual Cyborg 06/13/2016 at 17:020 Comments

Carrie and Marina are hard at work lending their incredible design and creative talents to creating the next version of the Deep Art Car's ocean themed mutations. Using an interesting mix of paper, and mortar - this $#!T is fireproof - they've crafted some beautiful creations of the oceans. Check out their simulacra...

Marina and her sea conch.

There's more to come! We're hard at work getting ready for Burning Man 2016, Transformus 2016, and Playa Del Fuego Fall 2016!!