Customized Deep Logo Tin Cup for Your Donation

A project log for "The Deep" - D.C.'s Sonic Jellyfish Art Car

A Burning Man Art Car Project by a group of D.C. (Not Washington!) Burners

Casual CyborgCasual Cyborg 06/19/2016 at 17:450 Comments

So, I'm right now working on the Deep version 2.0 with my team, and we're facing what every Burning Man Art project faces as their primary foe. Lack of funding. We're right now coming up with a reward product for our next indie gogo campaign, and I want to put some feelers out there to the hackaday folks about what y'all feel.

For the Deep 2.0, this is what we're working on accomplishing before the burn:
1.) Building the electronics for the simulation of the Comb jellyfish lights, which are synchronized to music and respond to movement, like a real jellyfish. Because we've all seen musically reactive jellyfish...
2.) New decorations that are durable, non-MOOPY, day ready, cleanable, on the Deep Art Car, to make it more seaworthy in the middle of a desert, the woods, or a sandy beach.

3.) New Spare Battery, so we don't have to abandon art car in the middle of the desert

4.) Transport costs, so we can get the Deep out to the Desert

5.) Spare parts for repairs in the desert

6.) Soft robotic tentacles to hug people.

These are the questions I'd like to ask y'all who are following the Deep.

1.) Would you donate to the Deep Art Car? The plus is you already know that we've built the Deep 1.0. We've got the pictures and videos to prove it. So you know we're not a fly by night operation.

2.) Would you consider donating $50 for a customized tin cup with the Deep Logo on it. It looks like this, thanks to the mad machinations of Marina.

This is what the metal cup would look like:

Feel free to comment below.