Another dead CC1101

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Eliminate everything from running but the running part.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/25/2020 at 21:310 Comments

This one died 5 miles from home, so it was another 5 mile walk back with the robot using its bluetooth interface.  It was here when the lion kingdom realized the bluetooth interface should have fully proportional steering with very low deadband & a way to detect when the driver's paw stops moving due to a GUI bug.

It momentarily worked after cleaning off the pads, but completely failed after a full reflow.  The lion kingdom has never reflowed a CC1101 without killing it.  The moral of the story is they can't be reflowed.

The CC1101 got a hot glue blob which has proven a very effective barrier on the raspberry pi zero's.  That operation revealed all the other problems which arise after a few hundred miles.

Cracking of the chassis continued, so it got a thorough teflon doubler.

The nylon straps which proved so effective in the past became shredded very quickly.  The decision was made to try expensive Vibram rubber in a conic section.