The New Plan!

A project log for Bringing Cool Relief to Multiple Sclerosis

Cooling the core body temperature of people diagnosed with MS.

extremerocketsextremerockets 08/11/2015 at 01:170 Comments

As stated in the last project log detailing the TEC experiment, this has become a dead end for this application. I am now going with a new plan of using phase change for my source of cooling. I am going to make a mini refrigeration unit. This system will be capable of 360W of cooling power. With the mini compressor I will be putting roughly the same amount of power into the system as with the TEC's but I will be getting 360 watts of cooling power. This will be a vast improvement in power efficiency because I will not need to run the compressor all the time to reach my cooling temperature goals. The mini compressor is going to run 24V with a max current consumption of 10amps. The picture below shows the mini compressor and the micro condenser. I am going to use R134A refrigerant.

In an attempt to get away from the complexities of HVAC brazing I have decided to use AN fittings to connect up the refrigeration system. The picture below shows the AN fittings that I am going to use.