System design and preliminary components list

A project log for Bringing Cool Relief to Multiple Sclerosis

Cooling the core body temperature of people diagnosed with MS.

extremerocketsextremerockets 08/17/2015 at 20:080 Comments

The diagrams below are to show what I am working toward in the next couple months. I am going to be working toward finishing the refrigeration system. The refrigeration system will be integrated into a 3D printed housing that will be mounted on the backpack. I hope to also have the battery power system prototyped and running the compressor. Lastly, I hope to have some form of liquid cooling system up and running with the servo vales running.

Above shows the overall prototype system.

Above shows the battery power system. It consists of the battery balancer, charger, and boost converter.

Above is the mini refrigeration system with the mini Aspen compressor.

Above is the liquid cooling system diagram with the servo valves that control where and when each cooling circuit in the shirt gets coolant circulated through them.

This is a very preliminary parts list. I will be updating this list in the coming months as I get the build going.

Supply CompanyQuantity
Q4-24-5100 mini compressorAspen Compressor1
Micro Condenser C4x4x1.25S/CU-STAlcoil1
Cougar CF-V12H 1200rpm 17.7dB 12V FanNewegg1
2712T45 0.010" orificeMcMaster-carr1
Needle valveMcMaster-carr1
AC121 High side AC fittingSpendLessAutoParts.com1
AC122 Low side AC fittingSpendLessAutoParts.com1

981504 -4 union ANplumbing.com8
581804 -4 B-nutANplumbing.com4
581904 -4 tube sleeveANplumbing.com4
Turnigy 5000mAh 20-30C Li-Po BatteryHobby Kings2
LT3790 Buck/Boost convertersDigi-Key2

Compressor Restrictions as stated from Aspen Compressor:

The compressor shall not be directly used for Electronics Cooling applications where the end user is a military, law enforcement or civil defense (local, regional or national) entity or personnel anywhere in the world.