Proof of Concept Cooling Shirt

A project log for Bringing Cool Relief to Multiple Sclerosis

Cooling the core body temperature of people diagnosed with MS.

extremerocketsextremerockets 09/20/2015 at 02:170 Comments

This post is on the actual shirt containing the cooling tubing. In this step, I wanted to see if the cooling shirt worked the way I expected it to. This is why I only have one cooling loop sewn into the shirt. I constructed the cooling shirt by using a fitted outside shirt. You can see below that I purchased a Champion brand Duodry shirt. Underneath, I have a regular white cotton Haynes shirt. The purpose of the fitted shirt is to pull the cooling tubing close to the body making sure that there is good thermal contact. The cotton shirt is just to provide a way to make a channel for the cooling tubing. The tubing I used was 1/4" OD .170" ID vinyl tubing.

Above: One cooling loop finished for the proof of concept.

The photo below shows a close up of the inside of the cooling shirt. The tubing channels were made by sewing the cotton shirt to the inside of the fitted shirt. This created fabric channels for tubing to run through. The cotton shirt can be trimmed away leaving only the cotton channels behind. I have not trimmed the cotton shirt yet because I plan on sewing three more cooling channels into the shirt.

Above: Cooling shirt channel pattern.

Cooling tubing threaded into the fabric channels.

Close up of the cooling shirt inside out showing the channel pattern and tubing.

Close up showing the shirt right side out with the tubing entrance and exit channels.